The key to dynamic pricing is the ability to capture thousands of critical data points, and to act on that information quickly.

Push Button Pricing
Provides seamless integration from an organization's back-end pricing system to its front-end ticketing system via APIs.
Compares dozens of price factors throughout a season, across venues and between ticket sections.
Data Modeling
Provides flexible business views of past price performance, current sales activity and future sales projections.
Historical Trending
Captures cumulative price data for in-context analysis and improved decision making.
Customized Calibration
Provides specific pricing strategies based on data analysis.
Marketing Integration
Facilitates real-time updates to ticketing solutions and digital media services for an improved fan experience.
Saas-Based Solution
Speeds time to deployment and upgrades for optimal business performance.

While other pricing solutions require manual inputs that can take days to implement, Qcue's software helps organizations make thousands of prices changes in just minutes.

Sophisticated algorithms analyze real-time sales data and other external factors to generate sales and revenue forecasts based on various pricing strategies. Once approved, price changes are automatically pushed to ticketing systems which process the changes at the point of sale and across all channels.

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