Dynamic pricing is smart pricing.

It considers all the available data points to price tickets more accurately before they go on sale. Once tickets begin to move, dynamic pricing applies advanced analysis to adjust prices based on sales and other measures of shifting demand. The result is better scaling throughout the house and better variable pricing.

Qcue pioneered this idea for sports teams, inventing a software engine that takes in a variety of factors including team performance, giveaways, weather, starting pitchers, and possible milestones to create market-based ticket prices.

Jon Greenberg

We think it's working very well. The way I look at it and describe it is it's the next step in the evolution of market-based pricing.

Dave Howard

Qcue determines what drives sales using variables such as start time, opponents, etc. to set more accurate prices from the onset and maximize demand across the house.

Qcue captures opportunity for markups and encourages sales across every section of the stadium and every event.

Qcue recognizes shifting values even before fans do by constantly evaluating weather, players, playoffs, promotions, etc.

Qcue improves business efficiency and optimizes revenue opportunities through automation of valuable business intelligence.

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